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Our Services

We have a highly reliable system administrators team to cater to the technical difficulties faced by such business with limited or no dedicated system administration resources. We provide both on-going and on-demand remote system administration support. You have profound opportunity to benefit from cost-savings over managing your IT infrastructure.

To help you consume cloud, our experienced cloud consultants provide you with a world-class cloud consulting services as well as expanding and implementing the right cloud strategy. Corresponding to your business needs, we can develop the best optimal solution mix of cloud offerings to suit your business. This was going to be no easy a task.

Our AWS consulting services are backed by a team of professional & experienced consultants. We offer round the clock support for your AWS needs to maximize the performance of your AWS applications, manage complex cloud architectures on AWS and minimize the cost of your AWS infrastructure with our world-class team of consultants.

We provide DevOps solutions and services for infrastructure & database deployment automation, continuous integration and deployment(CI/CD) pipeline. We ensure better operational efficiency and cohesive teams with shared objectives, lean principles and continuous delivery of value. Empowering development & operations for excellence in delivery.

We help you migrate workloads from any environment to any cloud, whether AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or other cloud providers, aligned to your business demands. Our end-to-end approach helps to migrate to the cloud with confidence and avoid common hazards for successful cloud migration.

Our 24x7 unified monitoring service combines constant monitoring and proactive maintenance to maintain availability and stability. It performs regular, automated checks for problems that may be currently affecting the performance and security integrity of your IT/Cloud infrastructure or applications.

Real User Monitoring

We gather valuable data about real users’ application experience and communication with your website. It then evaluates and segments the concise view of its performance by a browser, platform, ISP. Have the adept knowledge on real-time website usage and drastically improve your returns.

LOG Management

The Log management service enables you to collect, consolidate, search and maintain logs with a single dashboard, which helps you troubleshoot issues with ease and to make better use of valuable development and infrastructure resources. Spend more time cracking errors and less time tracking them.

24x7 Helpdesk

Our team offers 24x7 high-quality business IT support desk to provide our customers with a professional and immediate solution to cloud/server problem they may be experiencing. Our helpdesk support is available 24x7 with a proficient team of engineers to provide you with immediate assistance in the event of any IT infrastructure issues.

Web Application Firewall

Our well managed enterprise-class web application firewall(WAF) provides strong fortification from web attacks and protection from common vulnerabilities like SQL injection attacks, cross-site forgery and cross-site scripting by our security specialists who are always informed on the latest trend of attack strategy.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is a self-service solution that builds a flexible IT system to maintain customers’ critical workloads through recovering of their critical IT systems, applications, data utilizing the cloud infrastructure, and network usage throughout recovery processes.

We offer a top-notch web performance & security service that is designed not only to enhance website performance but also to develop and maintain web properties to provide the best web experience. We safeguard your websites, web applications & online assets against cyber threats.

Our World-class backup solution allows businesses to protect their data assets as well as giving them the profound opportunity to enhance their data security and recovery options through a variety of secure personal, virtual, physical, mobile and cloud data protection.


We help businesses succeed by optimizing their website performance, enhancing security and reliability in a fast-growing marketplace. The end result is a CDN that is easy to set up, inexpensive and performs better than any CDN you’ve tried before.

Our Extented Team Model Service (ETM)

We empower our team to work in harmonization to your existing team and our extended team model services guarantees you to have massive experience of certified, talented and experienced IT professionals without any cause to adopt the prolonged cycle of hiring and supervising them. We ensure you have absolute power over their task, work activities and support timings.

Why Choose CloudCare24x7?

Support is Our Core

Our services are built to provide proactive support 24x7x365 for your entire IT infrastructure whether they are located on-premise or hosted in the cloud. We ensure end-to-end accountability, ownership and always happy to resolve your support request for business continuity.

Customer Focused

We have deep knowledge about our customers’ needs and preferences which helps us in offering reliable and excellent service. Our support service is based on SLA's, follows ITIL standards and designed to suit your business needs.

Experienced Team

Our highly skilled, certified and experienced team will always represent the pride we have in the quality and integrity of the work we do. We have the capacity and resources to deliver small, medium and large projects.

Flexible Pricing

We strive to satisfy our clients by giving them cost-effective solutions such as Pay-As-You-Go and FTE, Server or Ticket based engagement models for the support and services we provide. It helps you minimize the cost of ownership while effectively managing your IT or Cloud Infra.